Volume 5 Page 199
Posted June 21, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 4: Folks, behold this story’s title, once again derived from a key line of dialogue.

However, this time around, I already knew what the story’s title would be long before I started drawing it. That’s because I’d worked out Spooky’s self-loathing, self-lacerating, grief-deranged rant in my head quite some time previously. This would later happen for key dialogue scenes such as the Demonwolf and Ninjette bathroom scene from Empowered vol. 7, large chunks of which I can still recite from memory, due to all the time I spent crafting those soliloquies in my head beforehand during daytime cardio hikes and late-night beer-and-videogame brainstorming sessions.

One bit of retroactive dialogue nitpickery, though: I kinda wish I'd gone with "Tell Me That I Deserve This" instead of "Say That I Deserve This." Not a huge deal, but what the heck.

-Adam Warren

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