Volume 6 Page 163
Posted February 4, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panels 2-3: Note that this was occurring back in the days before iPhone models had thumbprint ID in their home buttons, so Emp could still access such a phone that wasn’t using a code. (Still, seems a bit lax on the part of an supervillain’s informant not to SET UP A G-D 4-DIGIT CODE TO UNLOCK HER PHONE, but then again, this nurse might not be the brightest of bulbs, given the manifold dangers inherent to screwing with the superpowered.)

Panel 2: Note that we last saw this Ubernurse (sorry, this font doesn’t umlaut) running away from the ambulatory Crispy Critter Phallik back in this volume’s action-packed opening chapter. Note further that this book’s first and last chapters feature laudably action-heavy sequences, with not much mayhem in the intervening chapters, for good or ill.

Panel 5: What might Ninjette be doing with those discarded soda cans? You’ll find out shortly, never fear! (Note: I hail from a “soda” part of the country, so my insincerest apologies to any “pop” or generic “coke” folks out there.)

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-Adam Warren

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