Volume 6 Page 171
Posted February 14, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Ehh, might have gone a bit too abrupt with the transformation between still-disguised “Turbobrain” on the previous page and Ninjette discarding her hensojutsu disguise ware on this page. And yeah, those soda cans that her mystical ninja art turned into Turbobrain’s “headpiece” implants are the same ones she scrounged up from the recycling bin a few pages back.

Panel 2: “Roaring round of applause” was an oft-heard line from the syndicated Tony Bruno sports-talk radio show, which I used to follow in podcast form a decade ago. Not long after this time, he switched from a nationally syndicated format to Philly-based local radio, which was where I had to draw the line; as much as I enjoyed listening to ol’ Tony, I couldn’t possibly cope with that much Philly-centric sports talk. 

Panel 4: Okay, so I admit that the line “Gangcape ’em” is in extraordinarily bad taste, but then again, not like Deathmonger would care one whit about offending anyone. (As opposed to the odd panel back in Empowered vol. 3 that seemed to hint that psychopathic badass Willy Pete might not want to be considered a racist.)

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-Adam Warren

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