Volume 6 Page 174
Posted February 19, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panels 2-3: At last, the mysterious, seemingly transparent figure looming in the background of p.168’s final panel is finally explained!

Remember, 60-odd pages back, that Plutonium Blonde said that “King’s sister stole a stealth cloak and ran off with some idiot scheme to recover his body”, but was never seen again. Wellp, here she is—or what’s left of her, at least. 

Panel 7: Ouch!

Today’s Patreon update: As it’s a Wednesday, time for the $5+ Patron tiers to get their weekly dose of commissioned damsel-in-distress content! Probably a commissioned comic of some sort in proto-Empowered pencil format, I would assume.

-Adam Warren

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