Volume 6 Page 26
Posted July 29, 2019 at 12:01 am

This week's commentaries might end up being a bit more terse than usual, folks, as I screwed up my drawing hand over the weekend and, to allow it to recover, I'm presently forced to dictate text via Windows speech recognition. (That's going about as smoothly as you might imagine.)

I find myself annoyed by the often less-than-ideal quality of the art reproduction, here, after I convert screencap PNGs taken from the digital edition of the comic into JPEGs for posting. So, today, I'm trying something different by using a trimmed-down PNG version; only problem is, the resulting image is 726K, as opposed to the 280K that the usual JPEG version would be. Hrmmm. Well, tomorrow I'll try a JPEG saved at higher quality than normal, to see if that makes any difference.

Panels 2-3: Once again, we see the sudden transition of Emp's mask between the high-contrast version in panel 2 and what I call the "blush mask" in panel 3.

Panel 5: Behold, a rare lettering variation in this panel, as all of Emp's dialogue here is written in a bolder font than the norm, in an attempt to convey the way she's yelling.

-Adam Warren

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