Volume 6 Page 64
Posted September 18, 2019 at 12:01 am

In theory, that flamingo head should probably be foreshortened a bit more so than I depicted as it might arguably need to be rotated more towards the camera but, ehh, screw it. 

What’s up with that creepily smiling Sistah Spooky?  Rest assured that you’ll find out shortly, webcomic readers.

Got nothin’ else to say re: this page, so I might as well mention that the long-awaited Empowered vol. 11 “drops” today—well, in North American comics stores, at least.  Conventional bookstores and Amazon get the book on Oct. 1; same deal with the digital versions, though I think the Comixology iteration lists its release as Oct. 2, for some reason.

Vol. 11 was literally years in the making, folks—a volume-long action scene I’ve been building towards since waaaaay back in vol. 5. The subtitle slogan above, “A sexy superhero comedy (except when it isn’t),” is truer than ever with this grueling, violent, not-especially-humorous epic.  If the book gets mentioned here, though, I implore print-comic commenters to avoid SPOILERS for our webcomic readers.

-Adam Warren

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