Volume 7 Page 176
Posted November 26, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panels 2 & 3 (& 4): Note the sudden transition between the high-contrast version of Emp’s mask in panel 2 and the very different “blushing” iteration seen in panels 3-4. In fact, we only see the blushing version of the mask throughout the rest of this story, as Emp is unsurprisingly upset and flustered right through the end of the chapter. In further fact, I wound up using the “blushmask” as a default for most of the next few volumes, IIRC.

Panels 3 & 4: Note that we previous saw these baddie(s) victimizing Emp in the background of another bondage-riffic panel from earlier in the volume. Note also that it’s time for a Lollipop Big Head Alert (or however the hell I phrased that Alert previously), as panel 3’s shot of Emp features a rather cartoonishly large head in relation to the rest of her figure size. Before too long—at some point in Empowered vol. 8, I believe—I stopped using this whimsically recurring riff and began shifting towards a different set of proportions for Emp.

Today’s Patreon update: Open slot in the weekly schedule today! Not sure what I’ll be posting, but something will go up today. I’ve been posting every weekday (sometimes multiple times per day) on this Patreon for over a year, so why stop now?

-Adam Warren

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