Volume 8 Page 51
Posted March 31, 2021 at 12:01 am

And that's it for this Hell-related interlude, folks, as the anthology-format opening story of Empowered vol.8 rolls on. (Note that this particular scene will be revisited later on in the book, never fear; not a big SPOILER, I think, to hint that this obnoxious pair miiiiight just get their comeuppance in a big way.)

Tomorrow, we check in on another pair of characters in a scene that's far more critical to events in the second half of the volume. Who could this be? Who?????

Panels 2 & 4: I still quite like the rather bucktoothed design for this supervill's exposed face. Nicely done, 2012-13 Me!

Today’s Patreon update: As it’s a Wednesday, time for the $5+ Patron tiers to get their weekly dose of commissioned damsel-in-distress content, along the lines of the same material that was eventually reworked into Empowered. (No idea at this time as to exactly what that might be, though; these commentaries are written much further out from posting than are my often last-minute Patreon updates.)

-Adam Warren

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