Volume 8 Pages 2-3
Posted February 3, 2021 at 12:01 am

Of all the things about Empowered that don't work terribly well in this webcomic format, gotta say that the books' opening title spreads arguably suffer the most. (Come to think of it, perhaps I should've rotated the whole piece to a vertical orientation so you could scroll down it.)

As the credits hint, stand by for our first Guest-Artist-drawn content since the yaoi douhinshi pages way back in vol. 3!

What's that item covered up by Spooky's cape at left? And what's with the squirmy, wormy fellas in the container at right? Rest assured, you'll find out later on in this volume. By contrast, long-time readers should have little difficulty figuring out the significance of the bloody shears and discarded visor (by Emp's shoulder).

Today’s Patreon update: As it’s a Wednesday, time for the $5+ Patron tiers to get their weekly dose of commissioned damsel-in-distress content, along the lines of the same material that was eventually reworked into Empowered. (No idea as to exactly what that might be at this time, though; these commentaries are written much further out from posting than are my often last-minute Patreon updates.)

-Adam Warren

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