Volume 9 Page 74
Posted February 14, 2022 at 12:01 am

TBH, this brief flashback interlude could well have been briefer than it actually is; and, as I've mentioned earlier, the webcomic version of this scene will be notably longer, as I'll be including an excised scene I cut for reasons of both pagecount and excessive digression (and distracting degree of "the sexeh," as you'll see).

OTOH, the portion of this chapter that drags on arguably to the most protracted extent features content that many readers might nonetheless appreciate, as it features our heroine venting at length in a manner that's rarely seen in the series. (More on this matter latter, needless to say.)

Today’s Patreon update: In an attempt to scratch out more worktime to complete the long-gestating Empowered vol. 12, I've switched over to a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Patreon posting schedule that won't feature the fixed content format I previously used. So, who knows what today's post might feature? Could be Life Drawing or Distressed Damsels content (both of which are featured at least three times per month), or something in the Work Stages, Vintage Con Sketches or Design departments, or possibly something entirely new. Golly!

-Adam Warren

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