Volume 1 Page 117
Posted December 17, 2015 at 12:01 am

Yeahp, Emp’s description above is indeed how the series came to be. I grew very bored very quickly with drawing pin-ups of superdamsels in distress, due in part to the repetitious content but also due to the fact that a steady diet of pin-ups bores me to tears. While I rather enjoy the change of pace of, say, spending a convention weekend drawing sketches for folks, I lose enthusiasm fast when having to spend weeks or months at a time doing such narrative-free work.

See, I consider myself more of a writer who happens to be able to draw than an—ahem—“real artist” as such, as I rarely if ever draw just for drawing’s sake. Almost all other artists I know genuinely love to draw, filling up sketchbooks and doodling endlessly, whereas I only draw to earn money, advance a project, or to do somebody a favor. I only really enjoy artwork when it’s coupled to a narrative and telling a story—which was the impetus for Empowered mutating from a handful of cheesy pin-ups to a handful of cheesy short stories. (And then, as the pages piled up, an armful of stories, then a boatload of stories, and eventually a s**tload of stories, with the cheesiness level arguably dropping off a fair bit over the years.)

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