Volume 1 Page 20
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:00 am


Yikes! Just noticed that I forgot to do a commentary for this particular Empowered page, out of the 93 or so we had prepared for the launch of the webcomic.

Um… so. Not much springs to mind, regarding this one.

How about: Gotta say, I'm amused by 2005-ish Me's rather loosey-goosey approach to lettering, compared to the rather more exacting approach I use nowadays. Empowered pages circa 2015 suffer scads and oodles of lettering corrections and rewritten text, with even further word-balloon clean-ups and tweaks required after the original pages are scanned by the fine folks of Dark Horse Production. Whereas back in the Dawn Time of the series, I would race through the lettering with, it seems, nary a care in the world, leading to freewheeling but haphazard results that I would never tolerate nowadays. Then again, such a carefree style was why I once could produce two or three Empowered pages per workday back then, whereas presently I can barely finish even one. "Sigh," as Emp would put it.

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