Volume 1 Page 32
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:36 am

Panel 4’s image of Emp in an undamaged supersuit brings up a problem I hadn’t initially realized: that is, her suit’s design is rather lackluster and visually uninteresting when its “hypermembrane” is fully intact. Other than the triangle on her chest, the supersuit is completely—and boringly—featureless below the neck. Now, you might wonder, why the hell hadn’t I noticed this before? That’s because during the first forty or fifty times I drew Emp, long before even these early stories had appeared, I was always drawing her supersuit torn and tattered and shredded—and, hence, visually interesting. Whilst constantly drawing it in comparatively dynamic and ever-changing “skimpy tatters” form, I didn’t realize how dull the suit would look when it was undamaged. In truth, I now default to drawing the hypermembrane at least partially torn at all times, so loath am I to draw the boringly unblemished suit. (Also, rendering the fully intact version uses up a more of my ever-dwindling supply of rare pencil lead and puts more wear and tear on my often-ailing drawing hand.)

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