Volume 1 Page 33
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:39 am

Why, look, a hint of nighttime city background appears in panel 1! Hope you enjoy it, as we rarely see much at all of the unnamed city Emp lives and works in throughout the entire series. (Words cannot easily convey how little I enjoy drawing contemporary cityscapes.)

In panel 2, note that poor Emp’s head is completely out of alignment with the rest of her body. As you might guess, I didn't sketch in her figure fully—with ruled-out body proportions and carefully measured gesture lines—before drawing the finished panel. In all likelihood, I just scrawled a out quick, crude rough version of Emp before plunging headlong into the final pencils, as was the case for almost all of the early volumes of Empowered. Given that heedless but highly productive approach, I should consider myself lucky that every panel wasn’t as badly flawed as this one.

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