Volume 1 Page 75
Posted November 16, 2015 at 02:15 am

Like the adorable—if toothy—shot of Emp in panel 1, complete with mildly disheveled hair, a coiffure concept rarely—if ever—seen when she’s engaged in superheroic action. Sexual action, we’ll see, apparently does lead to disarray for our heroine’s hairstyle, which often seems to magically reset itself between panels. What can I say, folks? Certain bits of cartoony and unashamedly unrealistic wackiness are baked into the concept of Empowered for me, no matter how occasionally serious a turn the story might take down the road.

Speaking of unashamedly unrealistic wackiness, one such goofy riff that’s persisted, unquestioned, throughout the series is Thugboy’s perpetual sporting of “mirrorshade" sunglasses indoors—and even in bed, as this story shows. (My apologies, dear readers, if this lapse ruins the otherwise documentary-like realism of the series for any of you…)

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