Volume 1 Page 86
Posted November 16, 2015 at 02:48 am

In panel 2, note Thugboy’s use of the slang word “superchick,” soon to be superseded in general Empverse usage—within only another few pages, in fact—by the ineffably superior term “superchica.” Note also the sudden scene change between panels 2 and 3, a storytelling approach driven in part by the, ah, “loosey-goosey” approach I was taking with these early Empowered stories. This is a pagecount-friendly technique that helps boost my production speed considerably, rather than lugubriously (re)establishing every new setting, as I might have done early in my brilliant comics career. Abrupt scene changes, I find, make for snappier story flow, but do pose the potential complication of confusing the reader; makes for a tricky balancing act, gotta admit.

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