Volume 3 Page 192
Posted December 13, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Note that this targeting choice was based off long-ago discussions I read in, ah, “firearm enthusiast” circles about immobilizing an opponent who was temporarily ignoring torso-mass wounds. For an Empverse shooter engaging a g-d ninja, putting a few rounds in the pelvis to slow ’em down seemed like a viable tactical approach, so here we are.

Come to think, serious firearm enthusiasts are likely decrying this panel’s Ruger P89 semiauto 9mm, which isn’t the most prestigious pistol choice imaginable. (Then again, I do occasionally get messages of support for this choice from Ruger owners.) All I can say to gun snobs is, this an easily referenced model, okay? In retrospect, though, this really is a poor choice of firearm, as the g-d P89’s manifold bevels, scallops, slopes and peculiar design details make it a maddeningly difficult gun to draw. Should’ve just rolled with a boxy, simple, easy-peasy Glock instead.

-Adam Warren

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