Volume 3 Page 23
Posted April 21, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: For the record, “Frank” is Thugboy’s low-level criminal-boss buddy, as seen here in Empowered vol. 1. Despite ol’ Frank almost shooting Thugboy in that scene, they remained friends, as seen later during the potsticker-intensive story “My Dinner with Frank.” Note that this reference to the borrowing of Frank’s truck does tend to endanger my recent theory that the SUV that the couple just “made sweet love” inside might belong to Thugboy… maybe. (Or maybe not.)

And thus ends the high-contrast, Sharpie®-rendered chiaroscuro of “Heroine Hold ’Em.” Next time, onward to a longer—and certainly boozier—story that boasts the rather elaborate title “Karaoke Rocket Sled and the Eye of the Tippling Tiger.”

-Adam Warren

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