Volume 4 Page 54
Posted March 1, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Slightly ambiguous dialogue here, as it belatedly occurred to me that it might sound as if Ninjette is stammering “cups,” when I intended for her to be referring to Emp’s C-cup bra size. In any event, a particularly cute shot of Ninjette, albeit in trying circumstances.

Readers of last summer’s release of Empowered vol.10 will note that, the next time that all three of them were in bed together, Ninjette and Thugboy were careful to make sure that Emp was in between them. Live and learn, folks; live and learn.

Panel 2: A super-rare sound FX usage featuring an exclamation point, as I normally detest the use of punctuation with my FX. Then again, the elephant’s frustrated trumpeting is arguably more “dialogue” of a sort than proper sound FX, I guess.

Panel 4: Perhaps the greatest mystery of all, though, is why the figurative little man in Ninjette’s canoe appears to possess a comical accent. (“Me canoe be swampin’!”)

And thus endeth the early morning interlude of “Elephants, Cups, and Canoes”! Next time, we start up the longer, action-packed story “Of Maids and Wet Blankets.”

-Adam Warren

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