Volume 4 Page 70
Posted March 23, 2018 at 12:01 am

A minor point, here, but a panel with more of a full-figure shot of Emp or Maidman might’ve been a good idea for this page; going with a nearly all-close-up layout makes for a somewhat claustrophobic comic page. On the other hand, the squat Empowered format—which loses a good 1.3” of vertical headspace at print size over a more conventional comic format—does me no favors when trying to squeeze in more full-figure shots.

Panel 2: Taking a look at the unfortunate fella in the foreground, no wonder that dental care is an important “bennie" for supervillain minions, as mentioned in the previous Empowered volume.

Panel 5: In case you’d forgotten the passing reference from 35-odd pages earlier, the Caped Justice Awards are “a thing,” as it were. Behold the carefully planted seeds of long-term plot points bearing luscious fruit, folks!

-Adam Warren

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