Volume 5 Page 49
Posted November 26, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: “Contumelious”—meaning “rudely contemptuous”—is arguably one of the more obscure vocabulary pulls used by the All-Seeing Sovereign. I’m pretty sure that “contumelious” long ago lodged in my mind after encountering it a few times in Shakespeare back in high school; I’ve always thought it an amusing term, though clearly a rather archaic one.

Note also that we've previously seen the Demonwolf addressing Emp's empty-yet-filled(?) supersuit before, back in Empowered vol. 3.

Panel 2: Webcomic readers might keep this panel in mind for future reference.

Panel 3: Webcomic readers might also keep this panel in mind for future reference, though the bit about “times arrow flying differently” doesn’t bear fruit until an arguably series-defining episode in Empowered vol. 7.

Well, that’s it for the vol. 3 story “Denial at Flood Stage,” folks. Next time, we start up the truly Demonwolf-intensive epic “When Titans Fornicate.”

-Adam Warren

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