Volume 5 Page 58
Posted December 7, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: A rather nice profile shot of Ninjette, here. Well done, Decade-Ago Me!

Panel 5: A likewise nice close-up of Ninjette, here, as well. Note the somewhat unusual flourish of making her eyes solid black, a riff with which I occasionally dabble from time to time.

As I said earlier, I’m no longer a huge fan of ladling an s-load of alliteration into the Demonwolf’s dialogue, but I do have to tip my hat* to colorful phrasings such as “cock-popping poppycock” and “yogurt-yodeling yaoi.”

-Adam Warren

*As this is the wintertime in New England, my hat is a woolen knit cap that does not lend itself well to tipping, but let’s ignore that technicality, shall we?

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