Volume 5 Page 59
Posted December 10, 2018 at 12:01 am

I only have half an hour or so to write up this week’s commentaries, folks, so brace yourself for a bit less blithering than usual for the next few days; then again, the Demonwolf’s bloviating in the actual story pages will more than make up for any commentary terseness, never fear.

Panel 1: I do like the idea, demonstrated throughout this episode, that ’Jette has picked up enough of the Demonwolf’s speech patterns to occasionally reply to him “in his own tongue,” if you will.

Panel 2: Gotta love the phrase “concupiscently catalyzed,” which is a fairly obscure vocabulary pull, to the point I had to double-check that I was spelling “concupiscently” correctly. (Tragically, my laptop’s dictionary doesn’t recognize the adverbial form of the word.) 

-Adam Warren

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