Volume 5 Pages 2-3
Posted October 2, 2018 at 12:01 am

Whoops, almost forgot that I started posting a montage-y split-up version of each book's title spread during the webcomic serialization. Enjoy? 

As usual with these volume-starting illos, Emp is sprawled amongst items tying in to key moments in the stories that will follow. Note, howeva, that the Joint Superteam Space Station (previously seen in Empowered vol. 4) is not quite to scale. Note also that I usually draw these suckers far in advance of the book's actual stories, so I often have to guess what elements might be viable for inclusion in the spread—but not this time around, as I had a very clear and concrete plan as to where the volume's main storyline would be headed. (Ahem.)

And yeahp, as at least a few folks have complained over the years, Emp's feet are indeed excessively short and truncated. I'd complain about the complaints more (as in, her wee feet are still relatively "realistic" compared to the far greater "unrealism" of say, Emp's g-d face), save for the fact that now this old stylistic flourish is now grating on Present-Day Me as well. Cut it out, Decade-Ago Me! (Perils of the last few years of life drawing, perhaps, or just my incrementally shifting tastes in approaches to artwork.) 

-Adam Warren

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