Volume 6 Page 119
Posted December 4, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Not sure what the hell I was driving at with those peculiar entries on the checkbook registry. Was this an obscure joke? Was I trying to imply that Emp doesn’t quite know how to balance her checkbook, or use it correctly at all? I have no idea, folks. Mysterious!

Panel 5: That is some nice, small lettering in this panel; wish I could still letter that dinkily nowadays, as the softer, coarser, “lower-res” pencils I use presently can’t pull off such teeny font sizes reliably. (My deteriorating up-close eyesight doesn’t help matters much, either.) 

Panel 6: Note the exaggerated, deliberately cartoony “chinless underbite” visual riff I used on Ninjette in this shot, a tendency which recurs at random during this era of Empowered drawing. 

What morally questionable activity might Ninjette have engaged in? Find out tomorrow, webcomic readers!

-Adam Warren

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