Volume 7 Page 43
Posted May 25, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Here’s a peculiar criticism of this panel, folks: The backpack that Ninjette is holding looks too dang small, considering that it seemed much larger the last time we saw Thugboy toting the (presumably) same backpack back in vol. 4. I’d assume that Decade-Ago Me didn’t want to cover up Ninjette herself or the suitcase next to her, hence the anomalously wee size of the pack.

Panel 2: For the record, the Japanese text in Ninjette’s first word balloon is the hiragana for “hai.” (For some reason, I really like attempting to imitate the hiragana font used in manga by hand, though to save time nowadays I just use text scanned from untranslated manga.)

Panels 4-5: Whatever wackiness could possibly be afoot, dear (webcomic) readers? Well, you’ll find out tomorrow, never fear!

Today’s Patreon Update: As this is a Monday, time for our weekly double dose of life drawings new-ish (2018) and old (2017), along with the high-res Photoshop raw scans for both of ‘em, available to all Patreon tiers.

-Adam Warren

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